Here are some common questions

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Where can I get information on pricing for each product?

Pricing can vary depending upon the needs of each project. We provide custom pricing for each client after we understand the needs of the project and create a solution to suit those needs. Contact us for a concept design solution and pricing information.

How much assembly is required for the flat pack versus pre-fabricated modular solutions and what equipment will I need?

A typical 50 man camp solution can be assembled within 7 days. All you need is a piece of machinery that can lift and carry up to 10 tonnes in tare weight and be able to lift it to a second story. Assembly of the components is done manually using bolts and other easy to assemble components.

What are the benefits of using flat pack as opposed pre-fabricated modified shipping containers?

With flat pack containers, you can produce up to 4 times the space of a standard 20’ shipping container. These benefits add significant value to projects in remote locations which are difficult to access.

However, it comes down to the cost of labour and availability of resources in your project location. Where labour is cheap and access to machinery is high, flat pack cabins provide the best value. In situations where labour is difficult to source or expensive, and where equipment is difficult to source, then using modified containers proves to be the best value and approach.

How long does it take from order to delivery?

This largely depends on the size of the solution, however a typical 50 pax building will take 30-45 days to manufacture. With our modified container solutions, the solution is turn key, so need for additional construction on site or adding flooring, exterior finishes or anything. Simply bolt together the module units, connect to power, water and sewer. Easy plug and play system. 

Our flat pack containers require moderate assembly on site and suit locations that have easy access to moderate skilled labour for install. For remote projects, we recommend using our modified container solutions which require no skilled labour, however we highly recommend that any connection to power, water and sewer be carried out by a licensed and suitably qualified trades person.

Does your price include shipping?

Typically we exclude shipping, duties and taxes from our quotations, however if required we can arrange shipping for you.

Are the solutions water proof?

Yes, the solutions come with a special seal that ensures the solutions are perfectly water tight.

Do you use old shipping containers for any of your products?

No, we are one of the only modular solution providers that use new container components. This ensures no rust, no history of chemical storage or other toxic uses and provides our clients with a superior product.

How Long Does the Solution Last?

Like any structure, you will need to clean and do minor maintenance, but the solutions feature hard wearing materials and each component is treated with an application that adds significant life to it. Typically, your solution will last 10-15 years without any major refurbishment required.

Do you offer infrastructure and other support services?

Yes, we can provide a complete solution including water treatment plants, sewer treatment plants, power plants, data and communications, internet and any other requirement. Each solution is custom designed so you only pay for what you need. We have highly qualified sub contractors who specialise in each different service area. We manage the manufacture and integration of all services with our solutions, assuming we are responsible for install.

Do you install the modular solutions?

All our solutions include a trained supervisor who will oversee the installation of our modular solutions. We also offer complete install services if required.